About Us


Farllure started its activities at the end of 2020 with the proposal to unite versatility and elegance in high quality products. Our specialty is to offer our customers the best in imported clothing and accessories. farllure is a national company that has several distribution centers around the world. Our service for Brazil works from Monday to Saturday during business hours.


We are a national store that has its stock located outside Brazil. In this format, the shipment is carried out directly from our distribution centers to you. This choice is made to speed up and facilitate the purchase process.


to Farlure seeks to offer you the most innovative and trending products in the world. Every product detail, every part that goes into our catalog, is chosen with great care and we strive to bring you the best price, to offer the products, the highest quality of delivery. We work every day to ensure your satisfaction. Our greatest achievement is your joy for shopping in our store. We promote an unparalleled shopping experience by combining high quality products, effective deliveries and personalized customer service.


We are always attentive to all kinds of news, we have a team with several years of experience. Our daily focus is to know that you received your purchase at home, on time and satisfied with your choice to buy with us. Our team works in the digital environment and has always had great results. All this time of work helped us to acquire the necessary experience to serve a demanding public and every day more up-to-date. We have learned that our customer's satisfaction is the best result we can get. Therefore, every day we seek to bring you the best in prices, products, service and, of course, authenticity.


To guarantee you total security in your purchases, we have insurance on all purchases made at Farllure . The entire delivery process is protected, so you never miss out. Of course, and if by any chance the purchase arrives and you don't like it, you can exchange or even return the product, so that your satisfaction always remains our highest priority.


When we talk about customer service, we have a team ready to serve all our customers, in order to help you in the clearest and fastest way. This was the way we brought you personalized service, with much more speed to solve all doubts and problems that may arise. Everything so that your experience with Farllure is personalized and the way you expect.


In 2020, the year the pandemic stopped the world and scared everyone, the sad trajectory of the founder of Farllure began. In the midst of those complicated and uncertain days, she was still devastated by physical and material losses, with no prospect of better days, she held on to all the knowledge acquired in previous years about having her own online business and that's how she started her life. It was in the midst of many struggles and uncertainties that Farllure emerged. The name Farllure originated from the junction of the initials of words that helped her to stand her ground while everything was collapsing around her. Farllure is faith, it is action, it is resilience, freedom, unity, hope . That's why Farllure will do everything to ensure that its customers always have the best products and the best quality of service and care, because everything we have today was conquered with a lot of dedication, sleepless nights and many tears, so it's matter of honor to offer our customers OUR BEST.